Scouting and Due Diligence Support

We provide buy-side and sell-side due diligence support.

AVALUS offers its clients tailored due diligence services.

As a vital stage for any investment, we can support you and your team by providing you with due diligence expertise in order to minimise your risks, boost your team’s capacity and give you a different perspective. Sometimes you and your team can be too close to the deal to see all the angles and having an additional resource that is aligned to your success can be a breath of fresh air.
AVALUS s offers due diligence services such as Market analysis, competition mapping and competitive analysis, SWOT, PEST etc.

We provide a scouting service for investors seeking to invest in UK businesses or alternatively overseas businesses seeking UK investors.
By engaging with business partners, we can offer management services to secure a full and thorough pre-investment due diligence process.
AVALUS helps to identify and filter the number of opportunities into a small and manageable proposal of alternatives, helping investors and investees to focus their time on the final deal.