Mergers and acquisitions support.

Getting it right matters. Your guide and support team.

Mergers Acquisitions M&A Process.

AVALUS offers short to medium term support to companies embarking on Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), joint venture, management buy-outs and new investor search activities.

Business development - Breakthrough and sustained growth in the UK market.

When our clients are seeking to take their first steps in the international arena with a particular focus on penetrating the UK market, AVALUS’s experts are available to provide support. Our service includes professional assessments of the company strategy, designing a detailed work plan and continuing with personalised mentoring to support the client’s executives through implementation.

AVALUS has business development experience working with several UK and International companies over the last 20 years.

Avalus Mergers and Acquisitions

Adding support to your business.

We recognise that these can be challenging and difficult times for business leaders and our goal is to provide essential and affordable support to your business for the period when it is most needed.
We operate on a very different business model to the large consultancy firms, which means we can provide you with the support needed without huge fees.
We focus on the UK market and specialise in markets such as Aerospace, Defence and new technology sectors.
Getting it right matters; and to do that you need a partner who will understand your strategic goals and blend smoothly with your team.

Avalus Mergers and Acquisitions

Our services.

Mergers and Acquisitions
Avalus Mergers

M&A Investment – buying and selling.

  • Supporting the strategic process and preparations for your M&A transaction
  • Market analysis
  • Business plans and examination of the information required for your M&A process, M&A work plan
  • Feasibility studies and business due diligence
  • Technological assessment and due diligence
  • Connection and introducing the target for transaction

Startup funding.

We work with VCs and investment angels from all over the World.
The investors we know prefer start-ups that answer the following criteria:
Enthusiastic management team with high technological capabilities, striving for excellence
Stage: Ready product, initial sales, and starting scale up journey
Innovative technologies that target large markets
Markets: Manufacturing in Metals and Composites
Minimum transaction size: (£1M+)

Funding mergers and acquisitions